About Our School

"Excellence in Education" is our motto
Our mascot is the Beals Bobcat
School colors are red and white.

The school day starts at 9:05 a.m. and dismissal is at 3:55 p.m.

Beals consists of Pre-kindergarten through sixth grade and serves approximately 460 students. There is one Pre-kindergarten session that serves early childhood special needs students and general education students in one classroom. There are two kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms. We are also excited that we now serve a select group of students in a 1/2 multi-grade classroom. Beals also has three third grade classrooms, three fourth and two fifth and sixth grade classrooms. Our kindergarten classes are all day. We are very excited to share that we are finding great success at meeting ALL students’ need through the inclusion model. Teachers co-teach and work together to meet the individual needs of students. Individual plans of success are created; so that we make certain that we are meeting the social and instructional needs of our students.

We have been extremely successful in creating a safe and secure learning environment where all staff and students take ownership in their school. Our Parent Teachers Association is one of the strongest in the area offering numerous activities and advantages to our students. Our staff is involved within the community and take a vested interest in making sure Beals is the best it can possibly be!

School Learning Goals

  • Students will read, write, speak, listen and interpret visual presentations to meet expectations, grade level and above.
  • Students will apply mathematics and science skills, concepts and processes which are relevant and important in every day life and advanced studies to meet expectations, grade level and above.
  • Students will demonstrate respect and responsibility for each other in the learning environment and school activities.